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Solar Farm Weed Defender

No Weed Eating, Guaranteed.

3/16" thick material guaranteed to keep weeds out.

Manufactured in the USA

From Start to Finish.

100% Recycled Material

Saving tons of waste from landfills.

30 Year Warranty

Our mats are made from high quality cellular PVC.

No Weed Eating, Guaranteed.

No Weed Eating, Guaranteed.

What is the Weed Defender? It is a specifically designed, heavy duty mat that wraps around each individual pile assuring that no weeds will grow where the mower can’t reach.

Each Weed Defender mat is 3/16” thick, guaranteeing no weeds will ever grow through it.

Save millions in maintenance costs over the life of your solar farm.

Our Weed Defender matting eliminates the cost of weed eating.

The average solar farm has approximately 100,000 piles that need to be maintained by manually weed eating around each one.

- Average quoted cost to weed eat 100,000 piles = $150,000 each trip
- Most solar farms will need weed eating maintenance 4 times per year
- Yearly maintenance savings = $600,000

- 20 Year savings total = $12,000,000

Weed Defender Features

Manufactured In The USA

From start to finish, the Weed Defender is manufactured in the USA, using recycled material from USA factories.


Saving (literally) tons of waste from landfills, our weed defender is made of recycled cellular PVC materials.


Our Puzzle Lock design allows for the matting to be installed simply by wrapping it around the pile. It can be used on new installation or fitted for existing solar farms.

30 Year Warranty

Proudly manufactured in the USA from recycled roofing membrane engineered to meet a 30 year warranty.

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