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Triple S High Flow Power Industrial Pavement Saw Skid Steer Attachment

Original price $17,400.00
Original price $17,400.00 - Original price $17,400.00
Original price $17,400.00
Current price $14,795.00
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Current price $14,795.00



The Pavement Saw is a cost effective alternative to a more cumbersome self-propelled saw unit. With its powerful planetary/motor combination, the 9” cutter wheel depth is ideal for cutting patches, expansion joints and pavement cuts for utility and traffic loops. Planetary drive motor and tungsten carbide teeth eat through asphalt and hard surfaces with ease. The patented electro-hydraulic side-shift enables the Razor Tooth to cut close to walls, curbs and other fixed objects.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Guide arm for straight & accurate cuts
  • Hydraulic depth control maintains consistent depth of cut
  • Planetary drive coupled with high flow hydraulics, generates high torque for cutting
  • Durable heavy-duty cast rollers
  • Adaptable to all skid steer loaders with high flow hydraulic capacity and replaces more cumbersome self-propelled saw units
  • 9″ cutting depth is ideal for cutting patches and expansion joints and making pavement cuts for utility lines and traffic loops
  • Electro-hydraulic side-shift enables the saw to cut close to walls, curbs, and fixed objects
  • Built-in shroud retracts as cutting depth increases


  • Minimum Flow Rate:  25 GPM

  • Maximum Flow Rate:  40 GPM
  • Maximum Speed: 180 RPM
  • Minimum Operating Pressure:   3,000 psi
  • Maximum Pressure:   5,500 psi
  • Maximum Power Output: 60
  • Maximum Torque: 5,000 lb-ft                                   
  • Hydraulic Flow Classification:  High Flow
  • Number of Teeth: 36    28    28
  • Width of Cut:  1.5"    2.5"    4.5"
  • Depth of Cut:   9”
  • Depth Control:  Hydraulic
  • Side-Shift Distance:   24"
  • Side-Shift Control:   Hydraulic
  • Overall Width:   67"
  • Overall Length:   59"
  • Overall Height:   40"

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